Release notes

Version 4.0 (2018.05.21)

  • Say hello to RevDeBug! Coming with 64219 lines of code – that’s like 5.5 times “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” book’s length. It seems, that we’ve sailed 110000 miles with captain Nemo 😉 It’s like five laps around the Earth!
  • RevDeBug is even more beautiful and intuitive – we have nailed it this time 😉
  • Manage your recordings like a pro with the fresh new RevDeBug Control Panel. It comes with 4 convenient tabs, that contain the most important functions – easy to use, easy to find
  • Proudly announcing the newest feature: filtering. You can now find exceptions, both handled and unhandled, values, dates, etc. with a single click
  • Find out how your application really behaves with the new timeline of calls and events
  • Navigation through the recording has just been simplified – bringing you even closer to each bug
  • Optimize your code with our new performance data window. It comes with information about the total call count, as well as mean and overall execution time of all methods in your application
  • Control your recordings easily with a new floating recording window
  • Ever wondered, how RevDeBug affects your app? No worries! RevDeBug will tell you now what’s going on
  • Get access to RevDeBug easier than ever! You can now login, register and manage your license from the convenient RevDeBug Start-Up screen
  • All settings are merged into one, sensible window – everything is now easy to find
  • Bug fixes, as always 😉